Royal Masset

Princeton University, A.B. cum laude (A.B is the pretentious Latin way of saying B.A).
Episcopal Theological Seminary of the Southwest (Austin, TX), Masters of Divinity
University of Texas at Austin School of Law (did not graduate)
Licensed to practice law in Texas. Member State Bar of Texas

Executive Director of Austin Citizens League for seven years (I was instrumental in
lowering Austin’s property tax rate from the highest of the largest 7 cities in Texas to
the lowest.)

Executive Director of Texas Taxpayers League (brought Jarvis to Texas---coordinated
activity of 40 taxpayer groups)

Employee of the Republican Party of Texas for fifteen years under a variety of titles,
most often that of Political Director.

CEO of Royal Masset & Associates, a Political Consulting Firm with 25 current clients
See for information about me and my firm along with letters
from our Governor, both Senators and most leading Texas Republicans.

Single. Former Yankee who came to Texas when I was 21 and been here ever since.

Invented ORVS, Optimal Republican Voting Strength, which enabled the RPT to target
races with great accuracy. ORVS was ultimately used in 16 states.

Trained over 3500 candidates and activists at RPT campaign schools.

While on the RPT staff our number of Republican elected officeholders increased from
just over 300 to well over 1500 seats. Our number of elected statewide officeholders went
from zero to twenty-nine, which is 100% of our statewide officials.

My only law case with me as the attorney of record resulted in a $53 million reduction in
the City of Austin electric rates for one year alone. I figure that gives me the highest
average judgement per case of any attorney in history--assuming the recent Florida
decision against tobacco makers doesn’t stand.

Received the Rising Star Award in 1996 from Campaigns and Elections magazine.
This is the highest award given to political consultants.