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March 5, 2014      4:16 PM


Hegar might yet cross the finish line with no runoff necessary

Well, it's still not quite the Comptroller's race many were counting on and certainly no one expected to see Sen. Glenn Hegar rack up 49.99% of the vote on election night. Hegar’s supporters, including big money donors, of course would much rather see him get to 50% and not have to continue into a runoff with Rep. Harvey Hilderbran and at this moment it’s difficult to say how it’ll shake out.

Hilderbran received just over 28 percent as of last night, but there are provisional ballots from all over the state yet to be considered. Many of those in Travis County, where icy conditions led to a difficult Election Day. Voting didn’t start until 11am and though it was extended until 9pm, ballots cast after 7pm were done on a provisional basis. Some of the outstanding votes are in South Texas as well.