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May 14, 2015      5:11 PM

Business leader challenges MQ Sullivan to debate immigration policy

In open letter, Houston businessman Norman Adams says enough is enough when it comes to Empower Texans' attacks on Chairman Byron Cook; Rare silence from MQS

A Houston business leader who is a staunch Republican and a chief ally of archconservative Steve Hotze on Thursday said he has had enough of Tim Dunn spokesman Michael Quinn Sullivan’s attacks on Rep. Byron Cook, R-Corsicana.

Norman Adams – known in the Capitol community as a firebrand conservative who supports sensible immigration reform – wrote an open letter to Sullivan in which he pulled no punches while defending Rep. Cook.

The House State Affairs Committee Chairman has been under fire from Sullivan and his Dunn-funded group, Empower Texans, because he supports issuing driver permits to undocumented immigrants. It’s a good public policy, Cook has argued, because those people right now are prevented from purchasing car insurance from reputable companies.

Adams said he wants to debate with Sullivan in an event that would be hosted by Hotze’s group, the Conservative Republicans of Texas.

There was no immediate comment from Sullivan.

By Scott Braddock