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December 29, 2015      6:39 PM

Potential court battle brewing over judicial bypass rules

Critics say the rules possibly eliminate a woman’s right to an abortion

The Texas Supreme Court’s new judicial bypass rules have stripped young abused women of their constitutional right to a safe, legal abortion, say advocates who participated in the recent advisory committee process.

The Texas Supreme Court Advisory Committee spent most of its October meeting hashing out the recommendations of a subcommittee on Rep. Geanie Morrison’s, R-Victoria, House Bill 3994, which was considered more palatable than an alternative drafted by Rep. Matt Krause, R-Fort Worth.

Attorney Susan Hays of the non-profit Jane’s Due Process was far from pleased with the result, an order issued today by the court. She considers the specifics, which includes paperwork and court documents, to go beyond the scope required by the bill and possibly eliminating a woman’s legal right to an abortion.

By Kimberly Reeves