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August 3, 2015      12:14 PM

SB: Paxton situation presents the Texas GOP with an opportunity

Supreme Court Justices Don Willett and Eva Guzman along with Rep. Jason Villalba are now among those mentioned as potential successors to the AG who was hand-picked by Ted Cruz and Tim Dunn

Now that the worst-kept secret in Texas politics has been revealed and Attorney General Ken Paxton has surrendered to law enforcement because he’s been indicted on three felony fraud charges in the Metroplex, much of the chatter in the Austin lobby is focused on what Gov. Greg Abbott will do if it turns out Paxton is unable to serve out his term.

Conspiracy theories have already emerged as to why “God’s Lawyer” is facing persecution – er, a prosecution that is partially based on Paxton's own admission to state regulators last year that he violated securities law.

Some might argue it is premature to speculate about how Abbott might handle the appointment of a successor to the Attorney General hand-picked by Ted Cruz and Tim Dunn. After all, the indictment is closer to the beginning of due process than the end and does not force his resignation.

But believe us at Buzz Central when we tell you that some of those who wish to step into the role have been working overtime behind the scenes to jockey for position. And unlike Paxton, none of the names we have heard so far would necessarily have the full-throated support of Sen. Cruz or Midland oilman Dunn’s Empower Texans and allied organizations.

By Scott Braddock