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December 28, 2015      5:58 PM

Updated: Stickland under fire for seeking marijuana-growing advice and trying to beat a drug test at work

Stickland acknowledges past drug use and says “It makes me sick to my stomach that my little girls will have to face these attacks for the next 60 days”

Editor’s note: Following our original story today, new information has come to light. This updated story reflects what we know at this point and Rep. Stickland’s reaction to it – SB

Rep. Jonathan Stickland, R-Bedford, and his Republican primary challenger on Monday traded jabs over Stickland’s past drug use and public online search for advice about how to grow marijuana at home and how to beat a drug test at work.

Rep. Stickland admits that back in 2001 and 2002, he used online forums to seek advice about growing his own marijuana and also looked for a “smoke buddy” to enjoy “da green.”

Stickland’s campaign said that he has indeed smoked marijuana in the past and in doing so “wasted much of life, said and did things I wish I hadn't.” Stickland denied ever growing marijuana at home, despite admitting he is the author of those internet postings.

The campaign of Scott Fisher, a pastor from North Texas, released to Quorum Report the internet posts in which Stickland “was wondering if anyone lived in the Dallas Fort Worth area and loved to smoke da green.” He did so under the screen name “Stick.”

In another post, Stickland said he needed “a little help here” because he was “very seriously wanting to grow some of my own stash but am totally clueless on what to do.”

“I think the best thing I need to do right now is find someone “preferrably local) with experience to help guide me,” the post said. “ANYONE who can help me out I would be truly grateful.”

After Stickland today talked about his past drug use, the Fisher campaign wasted little time in unveiling internet posts from 2008 in which the incumbent Republican also sought advice about how to keep from failing an employer-mandated drug test.

By Scott Braddock