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October 2, 2017      4:57 PM

In fight over American Phoenix finances, Bresnen asks federal judge to fine Basel $25,000

Bresnen says Basel has adopted the legal tactics of so-called men’s rights activists/fathers working to avoid paying child support

As he continues trying to uncover exactly who paid for the clandestine video surveillance of lawmakers, staffers, lobbyists and others in and around the Texas Capitol during the 2015 session, veteran lobbyist Steve Bresnen has asked a federal judge to fine American Phoenix Foundation founder Joe Basel $25,000.

“I filed a motion in the United States District Court requesting the imposition of $25,000 in sanctions against Joe Basel for his second frivolous attempt to use a federal court to avoid being jailed for contempt in the state court suit involving him,” Bresnen said in a statement to Quorum Report.

Citing longstanding Texas law requiring a nonprofit with no members to make its finances – including contributors – publicly available when asked, Bresnen sued the Phoenix Foundation in June of 2015. Since then, Basel has been ordered by a Travis County judge to release the group’s finances, was found in contempt for failing to do so, and was threatened by more than one judge with jail time if he does not eventually comply.

By Scott Braddock

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