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June 28, 2017      5:13 PM

SB: Abbott's 2017 veiled threats to Republicans may be as hollow as his 2015 promises of support

GOP House members have now internalized the fact that having this governor’s back in the 2015 session earned them no loyalty in the 2016 primary; it’s an open question as to whether Abbott will get involved in primaries once the dust settles from the special

Over the last few days at Buzz Central, our team has heard increased chatter about Gov. Greg Abbott “pressuring” trade associations to support his entire potential failure list of 20 items for the special session announced to start July 18.

Staffers in Abbott’s office have no doubt spent recent weeks reaching out to various business groups. But our reporting indicates the degree to which those meetings have been “high-pressure” varies from meeting to meeting. 

By Scott Braddock

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