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February 14, 2018      4:15 PM

Coppedge: Be careful what you wish for

Longtime observer of judicial races in Texas, Dr. John Coppedge, says unintended consequences may come out of a federal lawsuit to change the way judges are elected statewide

There is a lawsuit in Federal Court in Corpus Christi challenging the way Texans elect judges for statewide judicial office.

The suit, filed under the Federal Voting Rights Act, seeks to mandate the nine Justices elected to the Texas Supreme Court and nine Judges elected to the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals be elected from nine separate districts, rather than statewide, and that two Hispanic majority districts be created in the Southern and Western parts of the State.

This suit is based on flawed reasoning and is quite myopic. Taking a close look, numerous problems are apparent if one examines the issues and facts and looks ahead at what would occur should the plaintiffs prevail.

The complete column by Dr. John Coppedge, MD, is in the R&D Department.

By Dr. John Coppedge

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