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November 9, 2018      4:56 PM

People on the Move

Welcoming incoming members, staffers moving from one Senate office to another, the guv’s policy shop adds another pro, a job opening and more

After the vote on Tuesday, it felt appropriate to stroll down the hallways of the Texas Capitol basement looking at the decades-old pictures of members during past sessions and think about the ways in which each election changed faces out with others. Sometimes those changes were immediately significant and other times they were subtler.

Some departing members’ staffers are cleaning out offices and others will be moving in soon. It’s just what happens. As one office was cleaned out, I scored a jar of Ancira’s Point of Order Salsa. Just the right amount of spice and great flavor.

Congrats to the winners this year and condolences to those we won’t see back in action on the floor. Each will be missed in their own way. Yes even you, Rinaldi.

It doesn’t really feel like the interim anymore with the speaker’s race kicking into gear and discussions starting among veteran lawmakers as well as the newbies about what kind of session is in store for 2019.

Meantime, the lobby is abuzz as people move from one job to another, some staffers are changing offices, and more. At this point, most of you know the drill. Send career news to ksbraddock@gmail.com and I’ll brag on you so you don’t have to. Using POTM as the subject line helps a lot.

Here’s this week’s edition of People on the Move.

By Scott Braddock

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