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February 26, 2018      5:01 PM

Straus tells business leaders that candidates should have to answer questions about school funding, local control, and bathroom bills

The Speaker spoke to the North Texas Commission about voting, economy and intraparty squabbles

IRVING –– If Speaker of the Texas House Joe Straus is concerned about anything ahead of his retirement, it is not his next political move. No, he is mainly concerned about the state’s economy.

“And here’s what I mean: Think about all the lost income for political consultants who won’t be able to make their living talking about me any longer,” he joked to attendees of an event hosted by the North Texas Commission earlier today.

He is also not worried about his standing among state senators either, thanks to, of all people, Tarrant County Judge Glen Whitley, a fellow Republican.

“Judge Whitley is a rare figure in Texas these days: He’s actually less popular with the Texas Senate than I am,” Straus said. “But that’s what happens when you tell the truth.”

While he may have been kidding about the fate of some political guns for hire and the upper chamber’s latest political punching bag, Speaker Straus was dead serious when it came to policy and the state’s future needs.

By James Russell

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