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January 12, 2019      3:00 PM

HK: PAC that spends a fortune in GOP primaries granted access to the Texas Senate floor

This is not a recipe for solidifying the Republican team in the Senate; it is no coincidence that Empower Texan’s online publication is called Texas Scorecard

Yesterday’s news that Empower Texans had been granted press credentials by the Texas Senate – despite reported substantial objection by Senators – should come as no surprise. 

After all, when it was announced that the Senate would handle its own credentials, we here at Buzz Central privately speculated there could only be one reason that after 20 years or so the Senate decided to handle its own credentialing separate from the House because Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick wanted to include some “media” the House would not and/or exclude some media management disliked.

As it turns out, the inclusion of Empower Texans is controversial not because of its political persuasion but because it is a PAC, with deep financial entanglements in elections.

By Harvey Kronberg

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