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October 31, 2019      9:00 PM

SB: As Bonnen era concludes, GOP power players begin to assess strategy for protecting Texas House majority

Sources in today’s afternoon meeting of TLR, ART, Texas House members and others say Gov. Abbott is ready to pay for field operations; Dave Carney apparently expects as many as 33 House districts to be competitive

Don’t you love it when everyone involved is coy about whether a meeting is even happening?

Reminds me of how we arrived at Dennis Bonnen as speaker in the first place. When that initial meeting in Rep. John Cyrier’s private office was unfolding last year, Bonnen told me he wasn’t invited to any meeting and he was home in Southeast Texas petting his dog.

That was probably all technically true.

As had been teased out by Rep. Trey Martinez Fischer earlier in the week, GOP power players did huddle in Austin this afternoon. That’s clear.

But, contrary to what TMF had put into the public sphere, we are told Dick Trabulsi with TLR said from the beginning of the roughly 90 minute meeting – organized by TLR – that Speaker Bonnen’s dramatic crash landing in the last few weeks was not to be part of the discussion.

So, what happened?

By Scott Braddock

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