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July 26, 2019      4:28 PM

SB: Seeking to regain relevance, Empower Texans raises the stakes with accusation of bribery against Speaker Bonnen

Bonnen talked tough against the group for months and now goes quiet, but his silence doesn’t mean MQ Sullivan shouldn’t have to offer proof; meantime Empower may be laying the groundwork for a repeat of what they always said was Joe Straus’ original sin

Back in May, newly-elected Texas House Speaker Dennis Bonnen talked tough about Tim Dunn's primary political organization, Empower Texas, saying they could never be satisfied and “I sure as hell am not going to waste my time trying.”

Well for some reason, he met with them anyway behind closed doors and one thing is for sure: Frustrations with the speaker, long simmering among some in the lobby and members, have come to the surface as many who detest Dunn’s spokesman Michael Quinn Sullivan wonder if what he said about the meeting is true.

First, the claim of what happened and then we’ll consider the source.

By Scott Braddock

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