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January 8, 2019      4:39 PM

Updated: Dennis Bonnen is elected Speaker of the Texas House of Representatives

“I never dreamed or planned to be in this position,” Bonnen said, but now he will work to leave Texas better than he found it. GOP members stress school finance and property tax reform while Democrats avoid the latter

Primarily stressing the need to overhaul the state’s “broken school finance system,” Rep. Dennis Bonnen on Tuesday said the Texas House will largely focus on improving the lives of children while he is in office as Speaker.

After being sworn in following a record vote of 147-0, Bonnen said “I never dreamed or planned to be in this position.”

Originally there was a motion on the floor to elect Bonnen by acclamation, but Rep. Jonathan Stickland, R-Bedford, called for a record vote. “True to form,” muttered a Democrat as Stickland made that request.

By Scott Braddock

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