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December 5, 2020      12:18 PM

Sources: COVID restrictions for the first 60 days of Texas Senate business come into focus

There is talk of voting remotely if a senator is quarantined, media mostly in the gallery, and apparently Redistricting will be the only committee to take testimony virtually

As the legislative session approaches, the way the Texas Senate will handle its business during a pandemic is coming into sharper focus following a two-day meeting this week of the GOP Caucus. Two senators familiar with the talks told Quorum Report that Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick is taking as cautious an approach as possible to keeping senators safe.

All of this, of course, is sensitive and some of it will raise questions about the ability of the public to interact with the legislative process. The details of the discussions first stated to leak out in the form of some notes passed along to QR on Friday evening. We took the time to vet the information as best we could with folks who have been involved in crafting this path forward for the upper chamber during a global health crisis.

When contacted about whether the details were accurate, one senator simply said, “somebody took really good notes.” Naturally, much of this could change if the pandemic eases or gets worse. But it is our best understanding to date about exactly how the Senate will operate after they gavel in come January.

So, what are the details? Here you go:

By Scott Braddock

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