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July 16, 2020      8:28 AM

Texas GOP considers adding possible punishment for censure: Prohibition from running in a Republican primary

As Gov Abbott faces more censure resolutions, the RPT temporary rules committee overnight adopted language to bar a candidate from the GOP primary if they’ve been censured

With anger growing over Gov. Greg Abbott’s coronavirus response, activists at the Republican Party of Texas convention are looking to add some teeth to the censure of candidates and officeholders.

Abbott has now been formally censured by at least eight local county party GOP executive committees. But as of now the only practical consequence for a censure is the party declining to spend any resources to help that candidate. There is, of course, terrible political optics for a GOP officeholder or candidate who faces a censure.

And obviously Abbott does not need financial assistance of the party with campaigns.

But the Temporary Rules Committee of the RPT overnight adopted language that would add a possible punishment for censure that could complicate things: Prohibition from running in a GOP primary in Texas.

By Scott Braddock

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