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January 12, 2020      1:32 PM

TxDOT aims for 30-year plan approval this spring

With the Texas population expected to grow 60 percent before 2050, transportation challenges include autonomous vehicles, drone deliveries, shared vehicles and increased teleworking

The Texas Department of Transportation has set its March meeting, or possibly the one in April, to approve its 30-year long-term transportation plan known as TTP 2050.

It wasn’t that long ago – last summer – that the Texas Transportation Commission made its last major transportation decision: ceding construction of the final segments of the Grand Parkway. That’s because transportation planning is a like a Russian nesting doll: a 5-year strategic plan within a 10-year Unified Transportation Program within a 30-year Texas Transportation Plan.

They do it that way because TxDOT’s long-term horizon is a combination of simple and complex multi-year projects, Director Peter Smith told the Texas Transportation Commission at a recent meeting.

By Kimberly Reeves

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