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September 23, 2020      5:30 PM

Updated: Texas GOP Chairman West, Ag Commissioner Miller, Dr. Hotze, and other Republicans sue Gov. Abbott over extension of early voting

Republican officeholders and activists ask Texas Supreme Court to block the extra week of early voting; they argue “Abbott seems to have forgotten that the Texas Constitution is not a document that he consults at his convenience”

Editor’s note: After the original publication of this story, Sen. Campbell sent a letter to the plaintiff’s attorney making clear she did not agree to be part of this lawsuit. The story is updated to reflect that. Also, the final filed version of the suit is now available at the end of the story. It's another story covered first in Quorum Report – SB

In a move that QR is told was privately discouraged by national Republicans, Republican Party of Texas Chairman Allen West, Agriculture Commissioner Sid Miller, conservative activist Dr. Steve Hotze, Sen. Charles Perry, and others have signed onto a lawsuit against GOP Gov. Greg Abbott focused on his decision to extend early voting.

They want the Texas Supreme Court to block Abbott’s extension of early voting because, they argue, only the Legislature can make changes to the Election Code.

By Scott Braddock

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