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July 7, 2020      2:30 PM

With $100,000 investment from Chairman Martinez Fischer, House Democrats kick off 2020 Red to Blue Campaign

TMF said “I know that we have what it takes to win the Texas House in November.”

With a $100,000 shot in the arm from Business and Industry Committee Chairman Trey Martinez Fischer, D-San Antonio, the Texas House Democratic Campaign Committee on Tuesday launched what they're calling the 2020 Red to Blue Campaign with the aim of taking the majority in the lower chamber.

It's a goal that seems closer to reality than ever given the current political climate. And that investment from TMF is a big step for the HDCC, which to date has put together a little more than $300,000 from its members. That number doesn’t include other fundraising from outside donors.

The group said they can capture the majority by harnessing the "political experience and fundraising capacity of sitting Democratic members of the Texas House to propel competitive Democratic candidates to victory" across the state.

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