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June 7, 2021      3:45 PM

After GOP gains in South Texas, Associated Republicans of Texas unveils target list of Texas House districts for 2022 cycle

“We look forward to recruiting and funding strong candidates in the region and expanding the map for Republicans in 2022.”

After some perhaps surprising GOP gains in South Texas, including ex-President Donald Trump’s performance in certain counties and the election this weekend of a GOP mayor in McAllen, the Associated Republicans of Texas on Monday unveiled a list of targeted Texas House seats in the region for the 2022 cycle.

“Over the last few cycles Democrats have seen their margins narrow in South Texas up and down the ballot,” said Aaron De Leon, the Political Director at ART. “Gone are the days of one-party dominance in South Texas.”

These are the incumbent Democrats the group intends to target with efforts to recruit, train, and fund GOP challengers:

By Scott Braddock

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