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June 11, 2021      12:39 PM

People on the Move

New gigs now that session is over, looking for new opportunities, promotions, appointments, and more

Now that the legislative session has mercifully concluded, it is nice to hear that many of you are getting some much needed down time. With the pandemic abating and restrictions therefore lifting in much of the nation, folks in the Texas Capitol community have spread out across the country looking for rest and relaxation.

No one could blame you. When will the special session be called? Well, the consensus among those talking in Austin bars seems to be sometime after the July 4 holiday. It should for sure be after the governor makes his next announcement about the Texas border wall. That’s just one more thing that could be added to the special session call.

Some of you noted that toward the end of session, People on the Move updates slowed down for a bit. That is for two reasons. First, announcements of new ventures tend to get lost in the shuffle of the final month of the session. I wouldn’t want your career news to not get the attention it deserves. Second, at the end of session most people are mostly locked into their current role until Sine Die, then they start to move around again. This year has been no exception, although with guaranteed special sessions coming, many staffers are surely being asked to stay put for now.

In case anyone forgot how it works: If you get a promotion, a completely new job, or start a company of your own, everyone in the Capitol community wants to know about it. It’s okay to brag on yourself or a friend – or tattle on an adversary – by sending the scoop to ksbraddock@gmail.com. Use POTM in the subject line so I don’t lose track.

Here’s the latest edition of People on the Move.

By Scott Braddock

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