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November 3, 2021      7:44 PM

SB: Potential for an open state Senate seat apparently has a big name in South Texas testing the waters

It’s a name that could clear the field quickly; with filing period coming up, political speculation season is getting into full swing

As soon as Sen. Eddie Lucio sent out invitations for a major announcement planned for Thursday at 9am in Harlingen, the rumor mill was up and running.

There was some talk of a party switch. That would of course be fueled by Sen. Lucio’s conservative stances on social issues, the growing GOP vote in South Texas, and the fact that Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick recently traveled to the region to attend a fundraiser for him.

But that seems far less likely than what the senator is probably about to let us all know: He is retiring. If it turns out to be true, veteran journalist John Moritz noted the 2023 session would be the first time since 1986 there has not been a Lucio in the Texas Legislature.

We’ll wait for official confirmation. But in a situation like this, candidates don’t hesitate to start making calls and testing the waters.

By Scott Braddock

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