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January 13, 2022      10:00 AM

In GOP primary to lead Texas Department of Agriculture, sparks fly as Chairman White presses Commissioner Miller on ethics

Miller touts Trump endorsement while slamming the Legislature on new elections law and the grid; White says Miller had a “sorry” record as a legislator and points to allegations of "bribes" accepted by Miller’s campaign team

A heated confrontation between Chairman James White, R-Hillister, and Texas Agriculture Commissioner Sid Miller was perhaps a long time coming when things finally boiled over in their Republican primary in recent days. “Sid Miller LIED & denied that his campaign consultant has an upcoming court date in relation to the allegations that he has been taking bribes for hemp licenses,” White tweeted after the two clashed during a candidate forum inside a church late last week in Gainesville.

Chair White, retiring from the Legislature and running to lead the Texas Department of Agriculture, has unleashed a torrent of attacks on Miller, the incumbent whose top campaign consultant Todd Smith was arrested last year in connection with an alleged scheme to shake down farmers seeking hemp licenses that are, by law, not to exceed $100.

During a radio interview, Miller said there’s “nothing to see here” and maintained that Smith has not been charged with any crime.

“Your campaign consultant has not been arrested?” White asked during the candidate forum, frustrated with what he said is simply a lie from Miller.

“He has not been charged or indicted,” Miller answered matter-of-factly.

“And he has no court date?” White pressed.

“No!” Miller exclaimed, almost shouting. Then, White pounced.

By Scott Braddock

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