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August 4, 2022      3:56 PM

With general election on the horizon, Ag Commissioner Miller blasts Abbott and the Republican majority in the Legislature on the electricity grid

"...this summer has put the lie to the idea that we have made all of the reforms Texas needs.”

Calling out Gov. Greg Abbott by name, GOP Texas Ag Commissioner Sid Miller on Thursday blasted Republican leadership, arguing “The Texas Grid is NOT secure!”

“As temperatures have spiked, regulators have repeatedly told us to turn off the lights, close the blinds, and keep our homes uncomfortably warm,” Miller said in an email to supporters Thursday afternoon. “It is outrageous that in one of the most successful states, in the most successful country in the world, we can't keep the lights on!”

“Texas has made some progress, or we would have already lost power in this summer heat. But barely having enough juice is too close for comfort and unacceptable,” Miller said.

By Scott Braddock

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