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February 7, 2023      1:47 PM

Texas House Democrats set to caucus Wednesday morning specifically about school vouchers

Texas House Democrats have been invited by Caucus Chairman Trey Martinez Fischer to meet in caucus on Wednesday morning to discuss what he called a "closely coordinated policy and communications push by Republicans" on the issue of school vouchers.

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February 7, 2023      10:52 AM

Instead of addressing a joint session of the Texas House and Senate, Abbott will give State of the State speech in San Marcos on Feb 16

Y'all can watch it on TV, apparently

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February 7, 2023      8:29 AM

Statesman: Chairman Schwertner arrested, charged with drunk driving in Austin overnight

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February 6, 2023      4:45 PM

HK: Redistricting could either be pro-forma or a Legislative Redistricting Board power play

This legislature has been given a financial gift that could profoundly impact the future of Texas. It would be a shame if that once in a generation opportunity was contaminated with redistricting politics on top of everything else

A political mentor and legislative strategist once laughingly said “Never attribute to coincidence that which can be explained by conspiracy.”

It is not an absolute rule of thumb but has been a helpful tool through the decades of watching Texas government.

We recently mused about the role of the new Texas Senate Redistricting Committee when Lt. Governor Dan Patrick announced committee assignments.

The narrative under the Dome was that there would be minor retooling sufficient to require the Senators to have to redraw lots to determine whether they would face re-election in two or four years. Some of the Lite Guv’s allies wanted two-year terms so they would have a free ride to run statewide in the 2026 midterms.

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By Harvey Kronberg

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February 6, 2023      1:56 PM

Republican heavy hitters, Chairs Leach and Kolkhorst, file constitutional amendments to legalize sports betting

With the backing of the Texas Sports Betting Alliance, Sen. Lois Kolkhorst and Rep. Jeff Leach filed proposed constitutional amendments to “legalize and regulate mobile sports betting in Texas.” The alliance, as you know, is made up of sports franchises, sports leagues, racetracks, and betting platforms.

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By Scott Braddock

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