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March 20, 2018      2:35 PM

Lt. Gov. Patrick Announces New Chief of Staff Darrell Dávila as Logan Spence steps aside

March 20, 2018      11:43 AM

Hegar warns of downgrade in state credit rating if lawmakers do not expand investment of ESF funds

Hegar tells Senate Finance: “To be blunt, I strongly believe that without a path forward to address these issues, then Texas will see a downgrade in our credit rating in the near-term”

Editor’s note: The PowerPoint presentation Comptroller Hegar is giving to Senate Finance is at the end of this story – SB

Appearing before the powerful Senate Finance Committee, Texas Comptroller Glenn Hegar on Tuesday began a fresh push to try to convince lawmakers that they should allow him to increase investment earnings using money that’s now essentially just sitting idle as cash within the Economic Stabilization Fund, or Rainy Day Fund.

Failing to do so, Hegar warned, could mean Texas would risk a downgrade to its sterling AAA credit rating within the next few years.

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By Scott Braddock

March 20, 2018      5:09 AM

The public weighs in at the Public School Finance Commission

The commission hasn’t discussed it much, but a serious effort will need to consider tax implications on both the debt and operations side of school district budgets

This week’s Commission on Public School Finance meeting – with 11 panels and 70 speakers – is hard to boil down, but the vast majority of testimony can be condensed into one statement: Money does matter.

Even that, though, is likely to come under fire as the commission’s various working groups begin to draft recommendations for a final report to the Legislature.

Here are some of the key takeaways from what is quite likely the only day of public testimony before this commission.

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By Kimberly Reeves

March 20, 2018      4:50 AM

Flashback: Firm that harvested private data of Facebook users for Trump first worked for Cruz

In 2015 “Cruz’s presidential campaign is using psychological data based on research spanning tens of millions of Facebook users…”

Texas Democrats and others are now pointing out that "long before Cambridge Analytica was known as Donald Trump’s data firm, they were Ted Cruz’s propaganda machine."

The Texas Democratic Party notes that back in 2015, Cruz was reported to have a "secret weapon" in his presidential campaign: Facebook data harvested to create "psychological profiles."

Over the weekend, the New York Times published a story detailing how President Trump's consultants "exploited the Facebook data of millions.”

Indeed, this is all very familiar.

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March 19, 2018      5:48 PM

RPT did not receive revised recount request from Mike Canon, Sen. Seliger victory in primary stands

Canon had until 4pm today to submit revised recount request and did not get that done

March 18, 2018      4:24 PM

Updated: Texas GOP rejects request for recount by Mike Canon, one of two who lost to Sen. Seliger

Seliger's camp responds "Canon lost this election by 15,000 votes – almost 20% behind Kel Seliger...requesting a recount under these circumstances is an abuse of the system that benefits no one."

Citing several technical problems, the Republican Party of Texas on Sunday rejected former Midland Mayor Mike Canon’s request for a recount in the primary he and restaurateur Victor Leal lost outright to Sen. Kel Seliger, R-Amarillo.

Per the election night returns posted by the Texas Secretary of State, Sen. Seliger won outright with 50.41% or just over 40,000 votes. Canon got 31.39% or about 25,000 votes. Leal came in third at 18.19% with nearly 15,000 votes.

“After reviewing your Petition Requesting a Recount of the results of the Republican Primary election for Texas State Senate District 31, we have found some defects in the request,” wrote RPT Chairman Jim Dickey.

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By Scott Braddock