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December 7, 2018      12:03 PM

People on the Move

Building a government in Austin with new staff hires for new members, trade associations hiring new executives and promoting others, and at least somebody in the Rick Perry orbit in DC is making money

Are all y’all worn out yet from all the fundraisers ahead of the deadline? Well, the end is in sight and session is on the way as evidenced by various offices staffing up and trade groups putting their plans in place.

It’s that time of year: Lobby contracts are being signed and holiday decorations are everywhere. I even received my new Christmas neckties. They’re classy, I promise.

If you’ve got career news to share, please pass it along at ksbraddock@gmail.com and put “POTM” in the subject line. It helps a lot.

Lots to get to this week, so here’s the latest People on the Move:

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By Scott Braddock

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December 7, 2018      8:50 AM

Toy drive for detained immigrant kids becomes bipartisan, raises more than 500 soccer balls overnight

Democratic Sen. Rodriguez is spearheading the effort; GOP Representatives Jeff Leach, Matt Krause, and Jason Villalba joined overnight with many others to help with raising more than 500 soccer balls so far

An effort to deliver a little bit of Christmas joy to detained immigrant children in El Paso County spearheaded by the office of Sen. Jose Rodriguez became bipartisan overnight and has raised more than 500 items so far. There are 2,400 kids and the deadline to get this done is next Thursday, Dec 13.

“The children are not allowed visitors, gifts of any kind, or even hugs. However, for this holiday season, the Office of Senator José Rodríguez has received permission to provide a gift of a soccer ball,” per the senator’s office. Overnight, Republican Representatives Jeff Leach, Matt Krause, and Jason Villalba joined with the Democratic senator’s effort by purchasing soccer balls for the kids along with hundreds of other people after the toy drive began to circulate on social media.

If you’d like to purchase one or more of the balls for the kids, click this link. Depending on your browser you may have to right click the link.

By Scott Braddock

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December 6, 2018      4:18 PM

HK: With parliamentarian choices, Chair Bonnen gives a nod to the last Democratic Texas House Speaker

Newbie Republicans might be alarmed at the thought of a conservative Speaker even invoking the name of the last Democrat to preside over the House, but for long-time members and lobbyists, Laney was considered a model

Speaker-to-be Dennis Bonnen has spent the last several weeks telling various members and lobby constituencies that he hopes to model his Speakership style in the fashion of former Speaker Pete Laney, D-Hale Center.

And in today’s announcement of Sharon Carter and Hugh Brady as House Parliamentarians, Bonnen underscored his intention

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By Harvey Kronberg

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December 6, 2018      4:14 PM

Amazing Grace: George H. W. Bush remembered at state funeral in Houston

“It’s the honor of a lifetime to share his name,” Commissioner Bush said in eulogy; Jim Baker told the crowd about his conversations with 41: “Our glory, George, is to have had you as such a president and such a friend.”

In a state funeral that included the Oak Ridge Boys performing “Amazing Grace,” dignitaries from around Texas and the nation gathered at St. Martin’s Episcopal Church in Houston Thursday morning to pay tribute to the forty first President of the United States George Herbert Walker Bush.

With Gov. Greg Abbott, Texas House Speaker Joe Straus, Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner, and many others in attendance Texas Land Commissioner George P. Bush eulogized his grandfather and said, “We all grew up in awe of my grandfather, a larger than life figure.”

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By Scott Braddock

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December 6, 2018      4:07 PM

Commissioner Miller comes out in support for lifting ban on hemp production

But says “Hate to break it to the potheads, but marijuana is still illegal in Texas and under federal law. Ending the ban on hemp won’t change that."

In a perhaps surprising move, Texas Agriculture Commissioner Sid Miller on Thursday said Congress should lift the federal ban on hemp production.

“This is all about taking the shackles off the American farmer,” Commissioner Miller said.

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December 6, 2018      2:12 PM

Texas Secretary of State Pablos announces he will leave office this month

"With the midterm elections successfully behind us, and the 86th legislative session around the corner, I believe this would be a good time to begin the process of transitioning out of my position," Pablos said

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December 6, 2018      9:01 AM

Chair Bonnen and working group name new Texas House Parliamentarians

Sharon Carter and Hugh Brady will serve jointly as Parliamentarians for the Texas House of Representatives in the 86th Legislative Session, per Rep. Bonnen's office

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December 5, 2018      5:59 PM

Ahead of session, Center for Public Policy Priorities looks to broaden reach across policy areas

Former Chairman Keffer: “During the last election, 100 percent of the people who voted decided 50 percent of the people had lost their minds. CPPP is trying to bridge that gap with the facts, with the numbers and figures, that can help policymakers.”

The Center for Public Policy Priorities on Wednesday rolled out a broad overview of its upcoming policy agenda, saying Texas has failed to invest in its most important resource: its growing and diverse population. 

For more than a decade, CPPP has been known at the Texas Capitol for the expertise of its policy experts: Dick Lavine on property taxes; Eva DeLuna Castro on budget issues; Anne Dunkelberg on Medicaid; and Chandra Villanueva on school finance.

The recent hiring of Luis Figueroa as a legislative and policy director, however, sends the message CPPP is looking to broaden its reach.

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By Kimberly Reeves

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December 5, 2018      5:57 PM

THCA hopes bankruptcy filing by largest nursing home provider in Texas sparks reform

"We’re hoping this isn’t just a wake-up call for our state leaders, but a call to action to address this before this becomes widespread across the state.”

Long term health care advocates are hoping this week's bankruptcy filing by the largest provider of nursing home services in the state proves to be a genuine wakeup call for lawmakers in Austin ahead of the 2019 session.

Senior Care Centers, LLC, announced on Tuesday it is filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in the U.S. Bankruptcy Court for the Northern District of Texas.

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