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August 29, 2014      6:33 PM

HK: Apparently negotiating with himself, Abbott agrees to new debate

Davis campaign: "Abbott's commitments don't mean much"

It is supposed to be the Davis Campaign that is in disarray, but to all current appearances, it looks like the Abbott Campaign is the one that can’t shoot straight.

At least Rick Perry used the subterfuge of refusing to debate Bill White until he released years of tax returns. Under the cover of the long Labor Day weekend, the Abbott Campaign unilaterally cancelled a debate to which it had previously agreed with Democrat Wendy Davis and without even the pretense of a subterfuge. They simply cited unstated problematic format issues … to which they had previously agreed.

Taking incoming from even their own Party and looking an awful lot like Clayton Williams refusing to shake Ann Richard’s hand, the state’s lead litigator apparently hurriedly set up another debate format and then announced it.

Unfortunately, the Davis Campaign confirms that they had no prior notice of the cancellation or the Abbott declaration of a “new debate”.

By Harvey Kronberg