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June 15, 2015      11:36 AM

SB: Those who voted against Straus had a rough time representing their communities

Poor results could invite primary challenges: Analysis shows more than half of those who voted for Scott Turner for Speaker were only able to pass zero or one of the bills they filed

At this point, Quorum Report readers are well aware that this was one of the least productive sessions in years – at least if you count how many bills were passed. There is, naturally, a legitimate debate about whether it is positive or negative for fewer bills than usual to be passed into law.

Those who closely observe the process understand that both good and bad pieces of legislation die due to procedural moves or failure to jump key hurdles before critical deadlines. In fact, when the second reading deadline approaches in the Texas House, you can hear members of the lobby alternately sighing or cheering as it becomes apparent certain bills won’t live another day.

If members file bills in good faith, any objective analysis must assume that those lawmakers at least wanted those bills to become Texas law and made an effort toward that end.

There has been much talk here in the pages of QR and elsewhere about which Republicans will face primary challenges because of their support for Speaker Joe Straus. Some of them have already drawn challengers and the forces backed by Midland oilman Tim Dunn are hard at work each day trying to undermine them.

But, the inverse deserves examination as well. Specifically, which members might deserve a primary challenge because they surrendered the ability to be effective voices for their communities at the Texas Capitol?

By Scott Braddock