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December 15, 2015      4:46 PM

Texas AFL-CIO announces Jeff Rotkoff as new Campaigns Director

Kara Sheehan to serve as Field Organizer

Jeff Rotkoff, longtime advisor to Houston Democratic mega donor Steve Mostyn, was tapped this week as the new Campaigns Director for the Texas AFL-CIO.

"In a campaign cycle that is already testing how far national and Texas politics can move rightward, the Texas AFL-CIO and our allies offer an alternative vision that focuses on building better lives for working people and pursuing a Raising Wages Agenda," said the group’s president John Patrick.

"Jeff Rotkoff will add a proven strong voice to our political program and begin the process of renewing our state's fundamental priorities so we can help build a better future for all working families, not just a privileged few."

Patrick said the hire underscores the central importance of legislation and politics to working families and the commitment of the Texas AFL-CIO to advance the interests of working families.

"I am honored and humbled to join the Texas AFL-CIO in the movement to bring political power and economic opportunity to every Texas family," Rotkoff said.

The state labor federation also announced that it has hired Kara Sheehan to serve as Field Organizer.

The full announcement can be found here.