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May 3, 2019      10:17 AM

After Patrick shot down one pot bill, another form marijuana reform potentially has a chance

Could also be an uphill battle in the Senate for medical cannabis expansion, but Rep. Lucio says of Patrick: “I hope he sees this as a separate issue. We already have a compassionate use program.” Floor debate is set for Monday

HB 1365 authored by Rep. Eddie Lucio III, D-Brownsville, picks up the fight for a marijuana policy more in line with other states and past legislative sessions. Rep. Joe Moody’s HB 63 – lessening penalties for small amounts of pot – passed the Texas House Monday but was declared dead on arrival in the Texas Senate by Lt. Governor Dan Patrick sort of Trump style, via a tweet.

Where HB 63 is a criminal justice reform bill – irking Patrick’s ideological sensibilities – HB 1365 is a medical marijuana bill that would expand the “compassionate use” of the cannabis plant that has already passed the Texas Legislature in a limited amount.

“We’re trying to expand the existing compassionate use program,” Rep. Lucio told Quorum Report.

By Andrew Turner

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