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May 23, 2019      11:50 AM

Speaker Bonnen stresses that House members are responsible for non-germane Senate amendments on House bills, not his office

In a shift from Straus era, House members – instead of the speaker – are now primarily responsible for fighting off certain proposals added by the Senate; veterans of the process see the move as deferential to Senate language in the closing days of the session

In a brief announcement from the dais, Texas House Speaker Dennis Bonnen this week put the members on notice that the chamber is no longer going to automatically kick back bills to the Texas Senate when senators have added non-germane amendments to House bills.

Under the House rules adopted at the beginning of the session, this is how it will work in the closing days of the session, Bonnen said: House members need to go through their altered bills for things that may have been added by senators that could, in many cases, be quite significant.

By Scott Braddock

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