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March 7, 2023      3:40 PM

In a rural Texas school district where Trump won big, leaders warn of dire consequences for resources for students if a voucher plan is passed

In Jeff Davis County, where Trump beat Biden with 60 percent, the Fort Davis ISD is under incredible financial strain: “Those of us in true rural areas know that voucher systems will do nothing to help our students. We communicate that message to our voters (largely Republican) every chance we get, and they understand it”

As Gov. Greg Abbott and Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick push like never before for a school voucher program, at least one rural school district in a GOP part of the state is sounding the alarm about just how dire the consequences could be for similar districts.

By 2024, the Fort Davis Independent School District in West Texas is set to go broke without a boost in state financing, according to a report commissioned by the district. Diverting state funds for a voucher program would only make the situation worse, school leaders argue.

By James Russell

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