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May 22, 2015      1:58 PM

Hammond: It is Time to Get All Drivers Permitted and Insured

The Texas Association of Business would be happy to co-sponsor a debate about the issue between Norman Adams and Michael Quinn Sullivan

State Rep. Byron Cook has shown real leadership this session for pursuing a bill that would provide a conditional driving permit for undocumented workers.  He should be applauded for these efforts, not criticized. This legislation is critical for Texas, but there has been a lot of misinformation thrown around about the idea.  It is time we look at the facts and set the record straight.  

The ability to get a permit to drive legally in Texas is essential to make our roads safer and reduce insurance costs.  The ability to get a permit will not cause more undocumented workers to cross the border.  They come for economic and social reasons, not for the ability to legally drive a car in Texas.

A permit is not a driver’s license, but the requirements to get a permit are very similar.  Applicants must pass a test proving that they know the rules of the road in Texas, and they must show financial responsibility, meaning they must have insurance.  Applicants also would have to show a proficiency in reading and writing English, because the driving and written tests would be in English.

The complete column from Bill Hammond is in the R&D Department.

By Bill Hammond