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February 20, 2017      5:10 PM

After trying to force out a GOP Ethics Commissioner, Patrick drags feet on Democratic appointee

Wanting a “new direction,” Patrick leaned on Republican Commissioner Hugh Akin to leave before his term was up; Democrat Wilhelmina Delco’s term expired two years ago

After failing to entice a Republican member of the Texas Ethics Commission to step down last year, Quorum Report has learned Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick has been in receipt of recommendations from Senate Democrats for a replacement for the upper chamber’s Democratic appointee for months but has done nothing about it.

Under the Texas Constitution, the Texas House and Senate each get two commissioners on the panel that regulates campaign finances and lobby registration, one Republican and one Democrat each. Republican lawmakers make recommendations for the GOP member of the commission and the Democrats do likewise for the commissioner from their party, then the presiding officers of each chamber make a selection.

The governor appoints the balance of the commission.

Back in September, the Texas Senate Democratic Caucus delivered a list of names for possible replacements for Wilhelmina Delco, whose term on the Ethics Commission expired in 2015.

By Scott Braddock

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