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February 1, 2018      5:52 PM

Amid push for educators to vote, Empower Texans looks for whistle blowers at ISDs

Education advocates like Texas Pastors for Children fire back: “It won't work. Teachers and community leaders are now awake to the attack on their community and neighborhood schools."

In a move that advocates for public education are calling a “ridiculous” attempt at “fear and intimidation,” Empower Texans is reportedly asking employees at school districts around the state to snitch on each other if school district resources are used to encourage voting in the March primaries.

An image of a letter written by Empower Texans general counsel Tony McDonald to ISD employees was circulated online this week. Some ISD employees have reported receiving the letter and it is our understanding at Quorum Report that several superintendents have seen the letter in their districts.

By Scott Braddock

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