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October 11, 2021      6:00 PM

SB: Lt. Gov. Patrick clearly wields influence with Trump to intimidate Abbott, state senate candidates, and now Texas House GOP leadership

Texas House GOP campaigns in 2020 helped put Trump over the top in the election he now wants audited; next year’s primaries could be badly delayed if redistricting gets bogged down further thanks to another protracted debate over other election laws

First, it is no secret that Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick maintains a friendly and working relationship with former President Donald Trump, who as of late seems quite tuned in to Texas legislative minutiae. In addition to intimidating Gov. Greg Abbott over a “forensic audit” of the 2020 Texas election, Mr. Trump is now also threatening Texas House Speaker Dade Phelan with a primary if even more elections legislation isn’t passed this year.

At GOP events around the state, Patrick often talks to party activists about how he can call Trump on his cell phone at any time to talk about a variety of issues. “Nonstop bragging,” as one Republican put it after attending such a speech. Others thought it was “pretty cool” that Patrick and Trump are close.

How close?

By Scott Braddock

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