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April 26, 2022      5:11 PM

SB: Former Speaker Bonnen could benefit by partnering with local governments in anticipated push to revamp tax incentives for corporate investment

The former speaker forced to retire after he plotted against GOP Texas House members and trashed local governments may be the point man for business leaders looking to revamp controversial tax incentives that were created at the behest of local governments two decades ago

After legislation aimed at renewal of Texas’ corporate tax incentives in the form of Chapter 313 agreements died in the Texas Senate last year, a coalition of business organizations is taking shape in Austin for an attempt to refresh how that all works in the 2023 session. They argue, rightly, that global competition for corporate investment isn’t going away and the state is about to go dark on its biggest proven incentive program attracting projects like the $17 billion Samsung plant coming soon to Central Texas.

To spearhead the effort, business leaders may hire former Speaker Dennis Bonnen, who of course was forced into retirement from office after he was caught on tape plotting against GOP members of the Texas House of Representatives while trashing local governments and their lobbyists.

Those would be the same local governments that led the effort – in concert with business interests – to push for the creation of this kind of incentive program back in 2001.

By Scott Braddock

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